High Class Escort, luxury is not reserved for cars…

I don’t mean to be rude but for some men and women luxury goes beyond cars, houses and jewelry, the power of having luxury companions are fulfilled by the high class escorts services.

A high class escort service is provided by independent escorts or by companies that recruits the most beautiful, educated and articulated, men and women escorts. This service is even provided internationally by each agency or independent escort. This is a luxury service supplied for important men and women how want to have beauty in their lives and can afford having it by hiring a high class escorts.

The most rage escorts, may be hired and being asked to travel to the clients location. This experience can be done to join the clients in business diners or high profile events. That is the reason why a high class escort must be intelligent; know about interesting facts, worldwide tendencies and culture. Some of them are asked to speak at least two languages, but the most common language used is English.

A high escort service agency is extremely organized and it also makes sure it has available all kind of women and men ready to assist a client. They are prepared in etiquette and have special training to create the looks they may need for each clients’ situation. They must look as perfect in a yacht taking the sun, as they must be wonderful in elegant formal clothing. Their service includes showing the perfect public appearance, showing herself as a beautiful woman, but with the proper outfit that will make her stand out for the right reasons.

Do you want to hire this service? I won’t say you can’t but definitely you have to save a lot. The average service is for at least two hours and the lowest rate is over the 300 UDS still want to try it keep reading.

What can they offer?

The profiles or services offered may be some or all of these: high class escorts, dinner dates, business travels, travel companions, escorts for elderly clients, couples fetish, busty fetish, Korean fetish, escorts for handicap, mature escorts, male escort and much more. On the other hand sexual practices may be also included and listed as: A-levels anal sex, role play, submissive escort, fantasies and fetish. They may also have bisexual escorts, dominant escorts and others specialized in erotic massages or tantric sessions. As also they may be ready to offer the best events and entertainment companions.

The high class escorts work with higher rates and have a select list of clients, they usually work with fewer clients, but these few are more than enough as they tend to hire them constantly.

Can you imagine having a beautiful model as your personal companion?

This may allow you to do it. Think of the variety of colors and sizes a Brazilian carnival has. These girls are as beautiful and as fun. They are there to help you have the best time with them.

Interesting fact…

Have you ever thought on working as a high class escort? If you haven’t some girls have! The idea of traveling, knowing new places, meeting new people having fancy clothes, really attracts them into this world.  

Can you imagine this?

Are you alone in your office working late? Do you have a business dinner and no one to go with you? Don’t be sad, these girls and boys are here to join you and make your worries go away.

What can be best than having a private striptease. Layer by layer this girl will peel off each clothe she has on her. First, she slowly takes her  jacket off. Then she opens her blouse button by button, as she does it, you are able to see a sexy red lace bra appearing under her clothes. As she has her top uncovered, she won’t leave the bottom behind, she takes off the black skirt, revealing a matching red panty and the rest of her fishnet stockings. You are just there, speechless. She is the most perfect vision you have ever seen. Her breast and curves decorated by the nicest, delicate and tiniest lingerie make you want her more as every second passes. She keeps the distance between you and her; she waves a “no” with her hand and continues teasing you, by the imminent possibility of having her bra off, but it remains on. Having you sitting on your chair, she gets close to you and keels in front of you. Her hands get close to your belt, she unbuckles it, her hands go directly to your zipper and she opens it up, she got closer to you and…

What happens next depends on you, so I will leave it to your imagination. But what can be more beautifully and stress releasing than having a blow job? And not just a simple one, a professional mind blowing jerk off job! You can even feel like a porn start having this girl companion.

And that’s the key? imagination. Fantasies move people and lead them to pleasure. Have you ever thought about, what are truly your most intimate desires? I am not saying you must share it with me, or even share them with a friend. I am telling you are you even honest to yourself? How can be possible that for some there is even prohibited to think on their preferences?

How can you truly enjoy yourself if you feel bad about enjoying an erotic movie, masturbating, oral sex or anything considered bad for the rest? When a person is young he or she may have so many restrictions about sex. do they really overcome them? Are they really able to live a healthy sex life? Just think about it, if there is something to improve this is the moment, it is your choice to be honest with yourself, leave the past behind and be happy and pleased with your sex life. You can live freely any experience you wishes, just remember play safe, and why not? Ask for a high class escort.